Drahl & Co. provides a broad range of marketing services to meet the needs of businesses large and small—check out how we like to spend our time.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Marketing drives business results when it's both efficient and effective. Efficiency measures the success of your process. Effectiveness measures the contributions your marketing strategies have made to the business. To maximize both, Drahl & Co. works collaboratively with your in-house marketing team to:

  • Analyze and articulate your marketing approach

  • Identify gaps or opportunities through insights and market research

  • Propose solutions through creative problem-solving

  • Increase your marketing ROI

Media & Advertising

Media fragmentation—the concept that consumers are composed of diverse segments, reflecting different needs, wants, responses to marketing messages, and behavior—is critical when reaching your core consumer. Drahl & Co. is your media expert to build and deploy advertising plans that:

  • Consider and effectively impact the customer journey cycle

  • Maximize your marketing dollars regardless of budget—with experience managing budgets ranging from $5K—$20M

  • Drive desired consumer behavior to increase your bottom line

Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a must-have for businesses to reach and engage their target audience. By providing useful content to educate them on your products and servicesand show them how those products and services solve their pain points and challenges—Drahl & Co. will formulate a content strategy that will:

  • Improve brand awareness of your products and services

  • Increase your conversions

  • Boost your revenue

  • Grow brand loyalty

marketing planning

Marketing Planning

Solid marketing strategy is the foundation of an effective marketing plan. A critical component of your overall strategic plan, the marketing plan provides the roadmap to meeting your organization's business objectives. Drahl & Co. is your virtual CMO to:

  • Articulate a solid business summary

  • Analyze the market situation

  • Define a marketing strategy

  • Develop an implementation plan

brand and product launches

Brand & Product Launches

The successful debut of a new brand or product into the marketplace requires a well-planned, thought out and coordinated effort. Drahl & Co. is your marketing project manager to:

  • Field product market research

  • Identify key differentiators

  • Articulate market potential

  • Outline multi-phased marketing launch plan

  • Report on key performance indicators

& More

Drahl & Co. provides a full service network of marketing specialists to meet your specific needs. We (more than) dabble in:

  • Strategic alliance partnerships

  • SEO, SEM & PPC

  • Social media strategy

  • & more