Data & Insights

Get to know your customer


A live entertainment venue in Central Florida opened to the public in 2014. For the first three years of operation, the organization showed ongoing strong financial performance, despite limited knowledge about its customer base. By the fourth year of operation, as the “newness” of the new building began to wear off, getting to know the customer became a critical component to ensure continued success.


In order to build a strategic marketing plan, we needed to find out who the customer was and why they chose to visit. Equally important, we needed to know who was not visiting and to understand their barriers to entry.


A three-fold approach to fully understanding the customer:

  1. Segmentation: partnering with Claritas, we conducted a segmentation study to group all customers into clusters according to PRIZM data for precise targeting capabilities

  2. Quantitative research: we deployed an online survey to understand motivations and barriers of visitors and non-visitors

  3. Qualitative research: we spoke to non-visitors to understand how to better overcome their barriers

Measuring Success

More efficient advertising spend, targeting key segments. More overall tickets sold.


Through the three studies, we garnered key insights about the customer, which drove the strategic marketing plan. Understanding the customer allowed us to maximize our advertising dollars efficiently. By understanding visitation barriers, we could craft strategies to overcome them—and by understanding the venue's existing strengths and visitation motivators, we could leverage them more in our communication strategy.