Repositioning a Brand

Rebuild brand trust & loyalty


A 2013 documentary-style film sparked public outcry over a national theme park operator's alleged mistreatment of its marine animals. The theme park suffered a tremendous loss in market capitalization and attendance declines.


Rebuild a badly damaged brand to restore trust and increase intent to visit using Southern California as a test market


The once-beloved and trusted brand had lost credibility with consumers who weren't sure what to believe.


  1. Conducted consumer research to understand visitation barriers

  2. Implemented strategic reputation rebuilding campaign testing to identify correct marketing message

  3. Overhauled admission pricing strategy to remove pricing barrier and provide strong consumer value

Measuring Success

Increased intent to visit, strong membership sales and park attendance.


The research uncovered that if consumers first saw the reputation rebuilding message followed by a product call to action, they were significantly more likely to purchase a membership. The campaign ultimately achieved all-time record park attendance for a specific month in the Southern California test market. The strategy was later rolled out in the other parks across the nation.